How Far Could You Go With Reading To Pass Your SATs?


4Your SAT preparation test should already include all 3 parts of your SAT. You should be well capable of answering math problems, of providing the correct answers for an English passages, as well as writing a satisfactory essay. The “critical” in Critical Reading has given justice to its name since this part is indeed could be a student’s worst nightmare. The teachers that would soon come across countless testimonials from students who have undergone SAT prep would then see all too often phrases such as “words in the passages were too difficult”, “the passages were too literary”, and “the passages were very boring”.

Teachers themselves would even testify that there’s no reassuring that there will be no boring passages in the whole course of the SATs. Most likely this would be the reason to blame why students are not really that into reading the whole passages in the exam. So if you want to know more about the Critical Reading part of your SAT, then read below:

Generally the Critical Reading part of your SAT would require you to complete at least 4 to 6 of the sentence questions that they have in store for you. So after that part is that they will actually require you to read a couple of passages and then after that the multiple choice questions would then follow, which you would need to answer of course. So to get you through it clearly, the sentence completion is actually missing a word of phrase, and one of the items in the multiple choices is the answer, so you would have to choose the one that when put in the sentence, would make complete sense.

Even wondered what good does the sentence completion test do to you? Well in general, a sentence completion test would of course test you vocabulary. And also, this test will allow you to tell the relationship between the words that was given to you. So you might be wondering how to improve your skills so you will be able to ace the sentence completion test.

So the safest answer would be to improve your vocabulary and store more words in there.

Since these tests need a wide vocabulary to ace it, the only thing left to do is improve your vocabulary. Mindless studying would not do you good when you are tackling a vocabulary based test. To really do well on the exam, start by learning 3,000 to 4,000 words complete with its definition. It would also help you a lot to be familiar with prefixes ad roots, especially in Greek, English, and Latin. Follow the link to learn more about SAT books.

It’s not that difficult a task to pass the SATs as long as you have all the determination, hard work, and endless nights burning the midnight oil, then you will be fine.

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